Letter to the POA Board of Directors of March 13, 2014

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To Baca Grande POA Board of Directors:
In response to a growing number of interrelated concerns, but with a focus on fire safety, the Baca Grande POA community members held two community meetings in February, on the 17th, and the 24th, for the purpose of hearing community concerns and formulating the following requests:
Fire Protection Concerns
Whereas: Property owners recognize that we live in an area of extreme fire danger. The Colorado Wildland Urban Interface Hazard Assessment Map indicates the Crestone/Baca as the area of highest risk in Saguache County, and equal to the area near South Fork that was involved in a large wildfire in 2013. Baca Grande residents are concerned about the loss of experienced fire fighters to the POA Fire Department and the lack of expertise among current Baca fire department volunteers.
Whereas: Residents recognize that other issues exist with a private POA Fire Department, including issues of governmental immunity, insurance, liability for homeowners and fire fighters, and mutual aid agreements with other public fire districts.
Members Request: The POA Board of Directors to seriously explore, in GOOD FAITH and in collaboration with the POA resident community, options for collaborating in the use of emergency equipment. As challenges exist with a private fire department, the POA Board of Directors should earnestly research and work toward the leasing and/or other legal means of providing the POA fire station, trucks, and personnel equipment to Crestone Fire Protection District, upon condition of passage of a mill levy to support the District.
Members Request: The POA Board of Directors to establish a Conflict Resolution Process between former Baca Fire Department staff and volunteers, and POA staff and directors to identify issues that resulted in a high number of resignations.
Members Request: The POA Board and staff to take action steps to resolve these issues with staff, board, and current and former volunteers.
Communication Issues
Whereas: There continues to be a seriously inadequate response, written or verbal, to members’ questions and concerns, in meetings or out of meetings. This indicates a board that lacks the type of communication that builds positive relations with the membership.
Whereas: The POA Board of Directors has given insufficient reasoning for its lack of response to membership inquiries and questions.
Members Request: When the membership presents the Board with written questions, we expect to receive a thoughtful and clear response in writing within a reasonable period of time. In most cases, a reasonable time would be two weeks to one month.
Members Request: During POA Board meetings, when members request time on the agenda to present concerns and questions, that time should be offered in good faith and in a timely manner. Board members should indicate support for the safety and wellbeing of the community by Actively Listening and Responding to member concerns.
Membership Accountability
Whereas: The community perceives three levels of community investment, with the highest level being residence owners who also live here, secondly residence owners who rent to community members and thirdly, those who own undeveloped land. This is also validated by the state property tax valuation.
Whereas: Members who own homes and live here are most likely to be impacted the most heavily by wildfire and other natural and man-made disasters.
Whereas: The POA Property Owners who are more significantly committed to the community by full-time residence should be given greater consideration when there is physical risk to their homes and personal safety.
Members request: The POA Board of Directors to form, support and empower a taskforce of residential property owners to fully investigate a variable dues structure that will recognize varying levels of community investment. Long-term planning should include a governing documents change to give weighted voting to local homeowners.
Members request: That dues assessments be sufficient, and funding priorities set, to provide for a fire department that has adequate resources and reserves to fund and staff a National Response to a fire, as needed in an emergency.
Thank you for your attention to these important matters.
Signed by 117 Baca Grande Property Owner’s Association members

Andrew Campagnola 3864C
Bruce and Elinor Nygren 3761 & 3762
R.E. Tejada-Flores & L. Waidhofer26, 29 & 32
Martin Macaulay 3655, 3662, 3663
Susannah Ortego & Harun Magnuson1465C
Helen and John Molanphy 635C
Suzanne McGregor 61
Robin Blankenship3907, 3906 & 3863
Eileen L “Tilly” Reed 1939, 1574
John Day 174
Joanna Theriault 1517C
David and Mark Elliott 243 & 239
Bruce Kantner 505 & 506; 448-450
John and Cheryl Rowe 1174C
Clay & Margret Bridgeford 288, 300
Nathan Scarritt & Sharon Landrith 2258
Grace Lowe 1522
Judith DeLuca 3592
Carol DeAntoni 605C
Natasha Torres 1380
Stephanie Gaines 4300
Emmy Savage 1461
Stacey McCulloch428-430C, 432C, 519C, & 455
Rich Jewett 13 & 3344
Don and Pat Tullos 282C
Sue Turner 1629
Gussie Fauntleroy 1277
Kathleen Willow 1798
Michael Onewing 2720 & 604
Rob and Raes Williams 828 & 829C
Christine Canaly and Mark Jacobi 885 & 886
Terry and Patricia Cole 633 & 634
Denise Peine 142
Bill Dobson and Moira Forsythe 358, 359
Peter Schlegel 3613
Ciaran Donohue and Janet Martinez 1298C
Judith Diane Short & Joe. B. Wilson 1294-1296
Steve Haines and Deborah Easley 171
Lee Temple 1500C (and other lots)
Sughanda Jane Books 1538
Thomas and Cindy Cleary 181 & 1364
Noah Baen and Robin Ross 130C
Marika Popovits-Wadman 1338
Burt Wadman 1339
Britta Zoellner 1337
Uru Vayu Corporation (Ila Zadrozny) 936
Phil Madonna 180
Shahna Lax 725
Tressa and Steven Hollander 3813C
Ann Henderson 3787
Lynda Kucin 107
Julia Voss 2100
Larry Calloway 848 & 849
Pamela Ramadei 562-564
Jim and Mary Ann Sheeran 3210B, 3211
Thomas & Colleen Hall
4515C; 177, 179 & 181; 3776, 2780
D. Woodward & K. Dercum
1002, 1005, 1006C, 1009
Bob and Judy Arnold 4429C
Robin Rosenberg 4108C
Paul Shippee 449, 551
Paul Kloppenburg 545C, 546C
Doug & Amulya Beechwood 1423, 1394
Janet Woodman 870, 871
Sheila Ramsey 41
Robert Adler 347C
F. (Frank) McGregor Gaines 1971C
Judith Oakland 1633C
Diane Rousseau 1017C; 1023C
Robert Cole 120
Hamilton and Miriam Brannan 2664C
Norah Schreiber 4455
Richard Lind and Les Holloway 2669
Parvin & Patricia Johnson
157-162, 2130; 3353, 3308, 3418, 3554, 1589
Loretta (Lionnell) Covert 345
Janet (Olivia) Washburn 397
Dave Miller & Alicia Mason-Miller
565C, 569, 570, 480
Bill Ellzey 891
Kai Beetch 1619
Sarah Hoenninger 3684-85 & 3687
Steve Anderson 401C
Jim & Sara Eubanks 3741
Carole Landess 2684C
Shiwa Shadden 1779
David Vermont & Aaron Juchau 409
Vicki Matthews & David Hillman 190C
Bill and Jan Miiller 11C
Judy Gilbert 335
Stephen Futral

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