World Music Concert with Les Amis at Shumei

Event Details

Join us at 2pm on Sunday January 28th at Shumei International Institute for an afternoon of amazing music. Drawing from a genuine appreciation of diverse musical traditions, Les Amis offers creative interpretations of music from around the world. The listener will hear everything from Bach to klezmer, and from tangos to Gypsy waltzes. There is also an honest love for the rich history of Brazilian choro with its unique use of the mandolin and guitar. Les Amis is an acoustic experience unlike any other. Former Crestone resident Heath Ellis travels back home with his band to share an experience like no other. There is a suggested $10 donation at the door, all proceeds benefit the artists. Please call 256-5284 for more information.

Date(s) - January 28
2:00 pm-4:00 pm

Cost (if any)
$10 Suggested Donation

Shumei International Institute