Emergency Preparedness meeting

Event Details

A Crestone-Baca emergency preparedness gathering with special guest Saguache County Emergency Services Coordinator Bobby Woelz is set for March 11 at the Crestone Charter School.
The Crestone-Baca Resiliency Group, in coordination with other essential community service organizations, is sponsoring an “informal information-sharing and networking event” at the Charter School on Sunday, March 11 from 4 to 6pm.  The goal of the gathering is to offer all members of the Crestone-Baca community the opportunity to pick up free emergency information packets, meet representatives from essential community organizations, engage informally with community leaders, and learn how to coordinate with neighbors.
Helping to foster effective communication is a major goal of the event. If a major grid failure or natural disaster or significant geopolitical or military event were to disrupt essential services, communicating in advance with local, county, state, and federal bodies would be essential in order ensure smooth and effective coordination.
Newly appointed Saugache County Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, Mr. Bobby Woelz will be on hand to give a brief presentation and answer questions. Information tables from various emergency and community service providers will be in place to answer questions and offer free information packets.
In the event of a grid failure, in which internet and cell phone service would almost certainly be interrupted, ham radio and direct-line-of-sight walkie-talkies will be needed in key areas of Crestone-Baca to provide necessary updates and emergency response to the community. Information on this project will also be shared at the event.
The Map Your Neighborhood project—a national effort to assist communities in taking care of their emergency needs—has provided helpful pamphlets on how to coordinate with those in your immediate area.
As of this writing, a visit from the regional representative of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is probable but has not yet been confirmed.
All are warmly invited to attend, especially those with vulnerable family members, as well as those who are new to the Crestone-Baca region and may not yet be aware of the essential services available—or of the unique nature of potential emergencies in the San Luis Valley wilderness.
The event is set for Sunday, March 11 from 4 to 6pm at the Crestone Charter School, 330 E. Lime Ave. near the center of Crestone. Excellent chai and light snacks will be provided. Those representing a community group which would like to participate or to set up an information table at the event are encouraged to e-mail mhenrydunn@gmail.com.

Date(s) - March 11
4:00 pm-6:00 pm

Cost (if any)

Crestone Charter School