“Occupy Wall Street” movement spreads

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In the last few weeks there have been protests in NYC called “Occupy Wall Street” (primarily focussed  on corporations, the wealthy and income distribution) which over the weekend have spread to other big cities in the US.  This has been reported scantily by large corporate-owned news outlets.  Although there seems to no central organizing force for the demonstrations, this document was posted on the website of the “NYC General Assembly,” a name that protesters are giving themselves, addressing the reasons for the demonstrations:
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One Response to “Occupy Wall Street” movement spreads

  1. We have to focus, all of us together, on what we DO want in our world.

    Addressing that that we do not want will only generate more of unwanted stuff–in the end we’ll be even worse off.

    We have to re-design the world to an image that we do like; only than we can strive to achieve the ideal, once we know what it is that we want.

    Thank you, Mr. Jan Hearthstone – http://www.ModelEarth.Org .

    October 6, 2011 at 6:53 am