Tract 1 Master Plan meeting

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The Plan has been presented at two previous meetings in October, and this will be the last opportunity for the community to view and comment on the plan before it is submitted to the Trustees for action. The public is cordially invited to attend, and all are welcome.
The Tract 1 Master Plan is for an 8-acre parcel of land that lies immediately west of the Charter School, and extends south from Lime Avenue a quarter mile to the Baca Open Space bordering Camino Baca Grande. It is currently zoned for Community Services and Recreational Uses.
The plan was developed in concert with a committee made up of representatives from all sectors of the Crestone/Baca community. The goal was to create a long range Master Plan that could become a bridge, connecting communities and grouping public facilities in a single, central location, accessible to all.
The Tract 1 Master Plan offers a long term framework within which the community’s vision for a comprehensive public facilities and services center can be realized. It establishes development parameters that are consistent with the goals of sustainability and protection of the native environment; and it provides a canvas that invites the community to harmoniously manifest its collective vision for the sake of the whole.

Date(s) - November 13
6:00 pm

Cost (if any)

BGPOA Meeting Room