EAC Covenant Violation meeting

Event Details

1. Call meeting to order
2. Approve agenda
3. Approve meeting minutes from October 4, 2017
4. Covenant Violations
a. 22-3465, 3465 Splendid Way, Chalet II- Unpermitted camper and storage container, blight
b. 21-1390, 1390 Spanish Ruins OL, Chalet I- Temporary structure
c. 31-1573, 1573 Wagon Wheel Rd., Grants- Building without permit
d. 11-0245C, 246 Viejo Ln., MHE- Blight
e. 22-3502, 3502 Bivouac OL, Chalet II- Temporary structure
f. 31-0431, 431 Heatherbrae Rd., Grants- Building without permit
g. 31-0149C, 149 Cottonwood Creek Rd., Grants- Temporary structure
h. 31-0698, 698 Pinecone Tr., Grants- Building without permit
i. 21-0068, 68 Baca Grant Way, Chalet I- Building without permit, tree removal
j. 21-0075, 75 Dragoon OL, Chalet I- Completion requirements
k. 21-0033, 33 Sunset OL, Chalet I- Blight, unlicensed vehicle and nuisance
l. 31-1610, 1610 Spanish Creek Tr., Grants- Completion requirements, blight
m. 23-4460C, 4460 Ridgecrest Way, Chalet II- Building without permit, loose dogs
n. 21-2210, 2210 Lone Pine Way, Chalet I- Unregistered vehicle
o. 22-2745, 2745 Easy Way, Chalet II- Building without permit
5. Adjournment

Date(s) - November 1
10:00 am

Cost (if any)

BGPOA Meeting Room