BGPOA Board Meeting

Event Details

1. Call Meeting to Order 6:00 PM
2. Approve Agenda 6:00-6:05 PM
3. Executive Session – Per Statute § 38-33.3-308 (4)(a)(b)(d)(f) 6:05-6:55 PM
A. Potential Injunctive Relief Case(s) Review Legal Opinion
B. Engagement Agreement
C. Personnel Matters
4. Member Forum 6:55-7:10 PM
For any topics that are NOT on the Agenda to be voted on. Members will have the opportunity
for one brief comment on Agenda items before they are voted on when they come up later on
the Agenda.
5. Approve Board Meeting Minutes: 7:10-7:15 PM
A. Board of Directors Meeting – 12/21/17
6. Approve Financials 7:15-7:20 PM
A. November
7. New Business 7:20-8:10 PM
A. Member Request to Enact Policy Regarding the Growth of Marijuana Within the Baca
B. Camper Village Electric Service Upgrade
C. Design Guideline and Requirements Revisions Regarding Shipping Containers
D. Collection Policy Revision RE: Consolidations and Monthly Interest Fee
8. Adjournment 8:10 PM

Date(s) - December 21
6:00 pm-8:15 pm

Cost (if any)

BGPOA Meeting Room