BGPOA Board Meeting

Event Details

1. Call Meeting to Order 6:00 PM
2. Approve Agenda 6:00-6:05 PM
3. Executive Session – Per Statute § 38-33.3-308 (4)(a)(d)(e) 6:05-6:45 PM
A. Injunctive Relief Case(s) –
B. Personnel Matters
4. Member Forum 6:45-7:00 PM
For any topics that are NOT on the Agenda to be voted on. Members will have the opportunity
for one brief comment on Agenda items before they are voted on when they come up later on
the Agenda.
5. Board Decisions Outside of a Meeting
6. Approve Board Meeting Minutes: 7:00-7:05 PM
A. Board of Directors Meeting – 10/30/17
7. Department Report Summaries 7:05-7:25 PM
A. Stables Mitigation Report
B. Approve September & October financials
8. New Business 7:25-7:55 PM
A. Kit Carson Rod & Gun Club Lease
B. Colorado Central Telecom Lease
C. CD with Everbank
D. Post Cards – Website Survey
9. Unfinished Business 7:55-8:20 PM
A. Crestone Performances Inc. – Request to Reduce/Forgive Current Debt
B. Camper Village Rate Revisions
C. Future Agenda Items 2018
10. Adjournment 8:20 PM

Date(s) - November 16
6:00 pm

Cost (if any)

BGPOA Meeting Room