The Crestone Eagle, October 2006:

Election day is Tuesday, Nov. 7ómake your vote count!
by Lisa Cyriacks

Mark your calendars for November 7 and vote. Early voting at the courthouse will begin October 23 and end November 3. Absentee ballots will also be available and can be requested at the County Clerk’s office 719-655-2512. The application can also be downloaded from Please allow plenty of time for mailing absentee ballots.

A Denver law firm, Wheeler Trigg Kennedy LLP, has taken on pro bono case for a group of 13 citizens (various political affiliations) challenging the use of computerized voting machines. The case is based on concerns about voting fraud from use of the machines, and questions about the competence of the current Secretary of State’s staff in administering and testing the machines.

In light of these concerns, voters are urged to cast absentee ballots to avoid potential fraud. Due to an unanticipated demand, make your request early to ensure that you will receive a ballot.

If you are not registered to vote in Saguache County you have until October 10, 3pm to register with the County Clerk’s office at 655-2512. Application forms are available on the Secretary of State’s website:, and need to be received by the Clerk’s office on October 10.

Loca polling places:
• Crestone/Baca (Precinct 5)—the Baca Grande POA Hall
• Moffat (Precinct 4)—Moffat High School Library
• Villa Grove/Bonanza (Precinct 1)—the Villa Grove Baptist Church
• Saguache (Precinct 3)—the Courthouse

If you are unsure which precinct you vote in, please contact the County Clerk’s office to verify before Election Day. And remember to bring your driver’s license or other identification to the polls!

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