The Crestone Eagle, April 2003:

Santana to perform at the Crestone Music Festival!

The Crestone Music Festival will gain major fame this year! Festival director Tom Dessain is very pleased to announce that Santana will be donating a special one hour performance at this year’s Music Festival. This world-famous band is scheduled to appear Sunday afternoon on August 10.

Carlos Santana and several of his band members are on a national peace tour around the country in response to the US-led war on Iraq. Santana’s promotional material states “We are all one people on this earth. It is time to stop making war with each other . . . through music we all speak a common language.” The purpose of this tour is to raise people’s consciousness about the wrongness of this war and to support local anti-war movements.

Santana will be holding a benefit show in Denver on August 9 and will also be performing in Santa Fe on August 10. They will stop in Crestone enroute to Santa Fe. Dessain reported that in an email that Carlos Santana sent to him he said that he had been aware of Crestone and its spiritual community for many years and had hoped to visit here. He was encouraged to do a benefit here by long-time friend Richie Havens, who headlined the Crestone Music Festival in 2001.

Dessain was ecstactic over the announcement. “This will put Crestone on the festival map,” he said. Some concerns were raised about handling the larger crowd that is sure to come to see Santana. “We’ll just have to deal with it.” said Dessain. “This is a once-in-a-lifetime dream come true.”

For ticket ordering information see page 12 this issue.

Santana was originally formed in the 1960’s and has been known for their expressive latin-style rock and roll, and mind-expanding music. Their album “Supernatural” was a huge hit all around the world.

Crestone Eagle publisher Kizzen Laki, also a long-time fan of Santana, had suggested to Tom Dessain that he try and get them for the Festival. Tom said that it was impossible. Too big and too much money! Oh, but nothing is impossible for Kizzen’s April Fools joke when dreamers and pranksters have their day. (But someday it may be true—we did get our 2ft. of snow) See you at the Festival anyway. Peace!

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