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Lead Stories 2009

January 2009
- BLM attorney linked to suppression of science in SLV oil & gas initiatives—rebuffed Crestone’s protest
- Citizens take legal action to halt oil & gas drilling on Baca National Wildlife Refuge
- The Eagle celebrates 20 years of publishing!
- Crestonians on safari in beautiful Bhutan
- Obama in Bhutan—Politics & prayers in the world’s newest democracy

February 2009
- Senate approves Baca National Wildlife Refuge Management Act
- Ritter introduces new C0 Sen. Michael Bennet—promises SLV won’t be forgotten
- Solar energy & the future of the San Luis Valley

March 2009
- Judge halts drilling on Baca NWR
- Storing the sun
- Energy Storage Research Group: 5 points

Lead Stories 2008

January 2008
- U.S. District Court temporarily halts drilling in Baca Wildlife Refuge
- Fatal mobile home fire on Rd. AA
- Wastes to profits, problems to solutions - Sustainable business park planned for the San Luis Valley
- Roy McAlister of the American Hydrogen Association speaks at the SEED Park meeting

February 2008
- Draft EA released on Wildlife Refuge drilling; comment period ends March 2, 2008
- Record cold!
- A frost-free community solar greenhouse

March 2008
- Dems. vote Obama—but Crestone caucus delegate selection process challenged
- Citizens call for full Environmental Impact Statement at Fish & Wildlife’s meeting on Lexam’s drilling proposal - Deadline for comments on Draft Environmental Assessment is March 3
- Designing the dream - Siting your house

April 2008
- BLM announces sale of gas & oil leases on forest land in SLV; several parcels near Crestone
- Salmonella outbreak in Alamosa shuts down town water supply
- Crestone Peak or Kit Carson Mountain? What is the correct name of that big flat-topped peak?

May 2008
- BLM Rio Grande NF oil & gas lease sale protested – 146,500 acres in SLV up for bid & development
- Planning commissions finalize County draft oil & gas regulations
- Free Tibet! Thousands protest China at the Olympic Torch Relay in San Francisco – Crestonians go there to lend their voices

June 2008
- Freedom of Information Act reveals possible improper influence on Baca Nat’l Wildlife Refuge Draft EA
- Forest Service defers 145,000 acres from gas & oil lease sale – 3 Crestone parcels still under protest
- The giant of China – Energy & the development of biogas fuels

July 2008
- Injured climber rescued from Challenger Peak
- Lighting starts fire on Gibson Peak
- Thich Nhat Hanh returns to Vietnam

August 2008
- San Luis Valley ‘ground zero’ for alternative energy? Land of cool sunshine now a hotspot—but is that good?
- Saguache County passes comprehensive new oil & gas regs—including Landowners’ Bill of Rights
- 19th Annual Crestone Energy & Sustainability Fair

September 2008
- County asked to keep trails near Crestone open
- Climber dies in 1700 ft. fall near Crestone Needles
- Mustang in Nepal—ancient trade route gives view into past

October 2008
- Industry lawyers directed wildlife refuge drilling study, concerns of scientists overridden by Interior officials
- Burned body found west of Saguache is being investigated as a homicide
- Strawbales in Siberia — Paul Koppana’s reflections on his latest workshop

November 2008
- USFW finds ‘no significant impact’ of drilling on Baca Refuge—Lexam given green light?
- Obama wins! Colorado secures Obama victory
- Meet the fox: a small, omnivorous canid—& our wild neighbor

December 2008
- Annexation task force publishes report — Public Q & A meeting Dec. 16
- Crestone & Baca firefighters respond to 2 incidents within 24 hours, citizens evacuated due to propane tank rupture
- The 100% solar heated home

Lead Stories 2007

January 2007
- San Luis Valley expected to lead the way in renewable energy—solar, wind & ethanol projects get support
- ‘Skyfuel’ proposes solar plant for SLV
- The golden eagle

February 2007
- Lexam to start seismic testing on Baca Nat’l Wildlife Refuge; Drilling permits in process
- Winter returns! Citizens deal with bitter cold, snowy roads, cars that won’t start, frozen water pipes, head colds & maybe just a touch of cabin fever
- Energy developers & traditional people at odds in Navajo territory
- A caravan to Dinéland

March 2007
- Rio Grande National Forest Service begins formal scoping for new ‘Baca Tract’ east of the Baca Grande
- Colorado lawmakers propose new renewable energy bills
- Good house, bad house: Retrofit options for sustainability

April 2007
- Gov. Bill Ritter promises reform of Colo. Oil & Gas Commission - Record number of drilling applications & complaints filed
- North Access Team seeks collaboration on traffic study
- Crestone was a stop along the Old Spanish Trail

May 2007
- North America’s largest solar plant breaks ground in the SLV
- COGCO issues permits to Lexam, water requested from Baca Water District
- Those aren’t antelope, they’re pronghorns!

June 2007
- ‘Community Sustainability: 2020, Creating an Achievable Vision’ Conference June 15-17
- SLV Ecosystem Council files lawsuit against US Fish & Wildlife—asserts public input required before Lexam is allowed to drill for gas on Refuge
- Great local hikes abound around Crestone

July 2007
- G.S. Dunes Nat’l Park releases Final Management Plan/Wilderness Study
- Bighorn sheep—a symbol of power & agility

August 2007
- Lightning starts 20-acre brush fire
- Burglars hit Crestone & Villa Grove
- Weiss Ranch sells for nearly $2.8M
- If you find fault, don’t dwell on it!

September 2007
- Fish & Wildlife initiates Environmental Analysis for Baca Wildlife Refuge
- Bears are back—and so are reports of bear damage
- A simple, elegant solar hot water drain-back system (for home heating and domestic hot water)

October 2007
- 50,000 comments on Lexam drilling proposal sent to US Fish & Wildlife
- Traffic impact study presented; BOCC to make route decision this fall
- Rattlesnake found in Crestone
- Crestone’s Sangre de Cristos mark the southern boundary of mountain goat range

November 2007
- Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission begins hearings on new rules—BOCC evaluates benefits of new rules to Saguache County
- Crestone resident Cal Cali annouces run for Colo. House District 60 rep.
- Future gas or past gas? Natural gas, propane & biogas

December 2007
- North access routes through Baca to Nat’l Park designated
- Coyote population is at a high

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Lead Stories 2006

February 2006
- Snowpacks foreshadow another dry year in the Valley
- New population of endangered Rio Grande sucker found in Crestone Creek
- Small Wild Neighbors (Part 1 of 3)

March 2006
- One-car accident claims life of local student
- Village at Wolf Creek project becoming a national scandal
- Small Wild Neighbors (Part 2 of 3)

April 2006
- ‘The Crestone Eagle’ nominated for Pulitzer Prize for Journalism in small community newspaper category
- Baca fire dept. held citizen fire preparedness training
- Serpentine wild neighbors (Part 3 of 3)

May 2006
- Draft General Managment Plan for Great Sand Dunes released
- Drought continues: fire danger rises as snow pack melts
- Designing thermal mass for passive solar heat storage

June 2006
- R.G. Water Cons. District concerned about drought & water shortage—may have to shut down or meter San Luis Valley wells
- Five near and nice places to car camp

July 2006
- Extreme fire bans issued by state, county, town & Forest
- Mato Vega Fire–too close for comfort!
- Experienced climber dies on Kit Carson Peak
- Five short hike campspot

August 2006
- Baca Wildlife Refuge faces oil exploration—Lexam plans to drill 2 deep test/production wells
- Flash floods hit the Crestone area
- Car camps, scenic loops, and ways to find your ownt

September 2006
- Lexam & Colo. Oil & Gas Com. reps to attend meeting on drilling in Baca Wildlife Refuge September 12
- Hantavirus case reported in Saguache County
- Fall colors are coming; get out and enjoy the show!

October 2006
- Community turns out to express concerns on Lexam’s plans to drill in Baca Wildlife Refuge
- Election day is Tuesday, Nov. 7—make your vote count!
- Insulation for passive solar buildings: Keeping the heat in

November 2006
- Community members evaluate proposed alternatives for traffic routes to National Park north boundary & trailhead
- The Crestone/Baca Land Trust: Preserving ecosystems and protecting wildlife

December 2006
- POA members protest 68% dues rate hike for 2007
- Land Trust requests records from Fish & Wildlife Service under the Freedom of Information Act re: oil & gas exploration
- The bald eagle

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Lead Stories 2005

January 2005
- National Park Access on County/Baca roads cause stir
- High School consolidation?
- Biodiesel and GMOs in the SLV

February 2005
- Interior Department files claim for groundwater at Great Sand Dunes National Park
- Crestone woman dies from carbon monoxide poisoning
- Is SLV canola the right way to go?
- The hazards of genetically engineered foods and crops

March 2005
- ScSeed's 5th Annual Ranching Celebration & Potluck March 6
- Our neighbors, the mountain lions

April 2005
- ‘Indigenous buffalo’ to change planning & land use for Great Sand Dunes National Park
- Liquor store in Crestone broken into
- The big picture: Strawbale trends and defining "Eco-sensible" design

May 2005
- Tornado hits above Crestone
- Remains of Native American woman found in the Baca
- Sustainability, ecology and responsible development: Threats to wetlands in the Baca Grande

June 2005
- Sonoran Institute’s presentation on growth in ‘gateway’ communities draws a packed house; Institute accepts the challenge to work with Crestone/Baca
- Center woman dies from Hanta Virus in late May
- Hiking to Willow Lake: Ruining a good hike, and leaving no trace

July 2005
- Moffat/Crestone hit by powerful wind storm—blows roof off school
- There’s a world of bears out there

August 2005
- Dunes National Park Council selects ‘wilderness’ as preferred alternative for study
- “Rock of Ages” The Crestone Conglomerate

September 2005
- County transfers lots to Crestone/Baca Land Trust for additional open space
- Conventional farmer sees a future in organics

October 2005
- Local support for Referenda C&D voiced
- The ‘Baca Bunch’ enjoys an outing on Mt. Ouray

November 2005
- U.S. Sen. Ken Salazar spoke in Saguache on energy concerns
- Boyce law suit to be heard in January; Status Conference to be held Nov. 8
- Summitville Mine - Colorado’s worst environmental disaster

December 2005
- Second visit by Sonoran Institute refines planning focus
- Crestone spiritual centers voice their concerns to County Commissioners
- Winter camping in the back country; The comfort & convenience of yurts & huts

Lead Stories 2004

January 2004
- Sand Dunes Advisory Council creates committee to study ‘north entrance’ road access
- Colo. Supreme Court declares redistricting plan ‘unconstitutional’ —Republicans appeal to Feds
- Ice fog and Fata Morgana

February 2004
- February 2004 lead stories are not currently available.

March 2004
- ScSeed sponsors 4th Annual Ranching Celebration Potluck ‘Don’t Fence Me In’
- POA–GAC open a dialogue —'Time to work together’
- The beauty of mud and straw

April 2004
- Winter’s snowpack melting quickly; dry March means drought is not over
- Air Force flyovers caused quite a stir in March
- The alchemy of plant-treated sewage; A visit with David Austin and his Living Machines

May 2004
- Group moves to recall POA Board
- The beauty of small homes (Thoreau was on to something)

June 2004
- ‘Wake up call’ to Baca spiritual centers
- Wetlands at Lago de Oro being restored
- How to design your green dream home

July 2004
- Fire bans & restrictions in effect for National Forest, Crestone & Baca
- Home Work: Handbuilt Shelter

August 2004
- Bears are a problem again; several homes broken into by bold bruins
- Hanta Virus discovered in the Baca! Man survives life-threatening illness
- The 15th annual Crestone Energy Fair

September 2004
- September 2004 lead stories are not currently available.

October 2004
- Great Sand Dunes becomes a National Park; History made on September 13, 2004
- Trucking at the potato harvest

November 2004
- State removes Saguache County clerk from election process, absentee ballots mishandled
- Living with ‘new’ neighbors—Sand Dunes officials discuss Baca Ranch transfer & access at public meetings
- The magnificent Baca elk herd

December 2004
- Congress approves funds, Baca Ranch deal near completion

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Lead Stories 2003

January 2003
- San Luis Valley has a close brush with PVC plant
- Gimme Fever! Cabin Fever rides again Jan. 25
- Winter pastimes in old-time mining camps kept the blues away

February 2003
- ASC conference made water #1 issue for the Valley, RGWCD calls on farmers to cut crop production
- The fat of the nation becomes our biodiesel

March 2003
- McInnis secures $12 million for purchase of Baca Ranch from Nature Conservancy
- What to do with the Baca Ranch? Management Plan meetings for Great Sand Dunes National Monument draws strong Crestone interest
- Creating an eco-industrial/agricultural park

April 2003
- Closing date on the Baca Ranch extended, Dunes north entrance through the Baca to be debated
- Santana to perform at the Crestone Music Festival!
- Creating a sustainable local food supply

May 2003
- Fire destroys Wild Cherry Creek homestead, 6 Saguache County fire depts. Respond
- Lynx released in southwestern Colo.

June 2003
- State legislature redraws district boundaries (again) to make Republican strongholds; Gerrymandering claim creating lawsuits
- Voting rights case heard in Federal Court; outcome could affect us
- The wonders of AerBlock

July 2003
- Sale of Baca Ranch postponed again
- Recycled Houses

August 2003
- Water user laws tighten as water table drops
- Hot July! Crestone blasted with record heat
- Pam & Steve Gripp: Living the homestead dream

September 2003
- Water Conservation District presents plan to preserve valley aquifer
- Fuel reduction project begins near Crestone
- What is the truth about papercrete?

October 2003
- Referendum A tops off-year election - Millions for unspecified water projects raises lots of questions
- West Nile is here! 3 in SLV infected
- The creation of a glorieta

November 2003
- Ayahuasca case proceeds, DEA still hasn’t released mandated evidence - Legal use of sacred Amazon tea still in question
- $9M allocated for Baca Ranch purchase
- The Natural Building Colloquium—2003

December 2003
- Baca Grande POA approves community center easement right-of-way upon vote of the membership
- Inventive team plants sphere in Baca Grants

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Lead Stories 2002

May 2002
- Drought!
- EarthArtVillage: Pioneers in Living & Learning

June 2002
- Baca Ranch sale overcoming hurdles
- Drought intensifies
- Ranchin’ Rhythms: Branding

July 2002
- Drought worsens - Wells and Rio Grande drying, Baca W&S concerned about water, . . . El Niño monsoons soon?
- Crestone Gardening—High and Dry

August 2002
- Ranchin’ Rhythms: The drought of 2002: Death Knell for ranchers?

September 2002
- The drought continues . . .Is there any end in sight?
- Living with the Earth . . .because it is beautiful

October 2002
- Wells in Crestone going dry; sporadic rains give hope
- Baca Ranch acquisition moves toward completion
- Ernie New’s White Mountain Farm –a truly organic experience

November 2002
- Candidates court Crestone vote at local forum
- Peace Walk held in Crestone
- Permaculture at White Eagle Village

December 2002
- Ownership of the Baca Ranch to change hands
- Crestonians visit sacred sites in Britain

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